What to do if your Russian wife is depressed in a new country

What to do if your Russian wife is depressed in a new country

What are the reasons of depression?

Men are often attracted by the mystery of the Russian wife’s online, their soul, female sacrifice and strength. But often women who moved abroad have problems with adaptation.

Depression after the moving is a strange feeling. You start thinking – and the mind says that everything is okay. Thinking about the past, realize that now is better. Thinking about now, you realize that everything is fine. But when you think about the future, you can’t see anything clear.

Of course, there are different reasons to move – a lot of whole families move and begin to build everything from scratch, some people fall in love and move to their lovers, some of them move to study, etc. And adaptation is also individual for everyone.

The language barrier

If you found a Russian wife and she doesn`t know the language, it stays one of the main problems. It can be one of the main reasons if she is feeling depressed.

Lack of work

The name speaks for itself. It is hard to live in other country and not to work when you were successful at your home country. It’s hard to feel not in demand, having a few degrees “behind”, and knowing foreign languages.

Failure to understand what to do next, the reluctance to set new goals

It is quite difficult period, when you don’t even have time to understand how you found yourself in it. When you wake up one morning and don’t want to do anything, don’t eat, sleep, read or listen to music, just lie still.

Of course, there are different reasons to move – a lot of whole families move and begin to build everything from scratch, some people fall in love and move to their lovers, some of them move to study, etc. And adaptation is also individual for everyone.

The main mistake of Russian women who married a foreigner is that they have stereotype that Western life is better, that there is nothing to do in their native country,and that only princes live in Western countries.

The main problem in getting married to foreigners is the language barrier and the different living conditions. Russian women are hard to get used to the customs and traditions of other countries. They need to communicate and be understood. Without knowing the language, their husband talks, it is hard for them learn about the habits of a loved one, to feel his character, habits etc.

Often women are beginning to miss their home and communication with their family. Mentality abroad is different; there are no warm conversations, to which women are accustomed to at home.

Of course, we shouldn’t think that all marriages with foreigners are doomed. There are a huge number of happy couples who have found true love abroad. Strong feelings and emotions help them to overcome all the problems: language, routine, moral.

Happiness in marriage with a foreigner depends on the pretty Russian wife, who has to accept the rules of life in a new family, to respect the traditions of her husband, living conditions, his family and tempers.

Often, marriage with foreigners grows into deep frustration for life. It is connected with the fact that each nation has  its own special attitude towards women.

How to make Russian women happy. Serious relationships with Russian brides.

How to make Russian women happy. Serious relationships with Russian brides.

Emotional side of relationships

Just like every woman in the world, Slavic ladies also want to be happy. Even though happiness is very subjective notion, there are things that are common for all women. Unlike guys, who are visual creatures, girls are emotional creatures. They need to love and to be loved in order to be happy. Being with the right guy plays an important role in this respect.  Single Russian ladies are looking for men who will take care of them and support them.

To be happy for a lonely Russian woman means to find emotional satisfaction in a man she is with. If you want to be that man, you need to have certain traits of character:

  • Be real. Russian women are seeking for men who could be real and do not have to pretend to someone else to impress them. Most guys want to impress Slavic girls so much that they pretend to be a better version of themselves – smarter, stronger, more confident and more independent. Some guys even lie about certain things, which is a huge mistake as lie always comes out. It is important to be a confident and independent man but do not be a man you are not.
  • Be respectful. Good manners are important for most Slavic ladies. They love polite men, who know how to treat women. One of the reasons why Slavic girls are so much attracted to Western men is the fact that most Western men are more polite than SLavic guys.
  • Real listener. Women are very emotional features and it is a well know fact that they talk more than men. If you know how to be a good listener, you are sure to be successful among ladies as they adore men, who can listen.
  • Be honest. Honesty is one of the main elements for building healthy and strong relationships. Be honest with your lady. If, for instance, at the end of a date a guy understands that it will not work out, it is better not to promise to call again, especially if he already knows he will not do it.

Materialistic side of relationships

Materialistic side of relationships is as important as emotional one. If you want to make your woman happy, you also need to take care of her materialistic needs. A real gentleman should be able to earn money to provide for his family. In Russia plenty of women have to work because of financial problems. They are usually tires and exhausted, and simply do not have enough energy for their families.

The secret of making a girl feel loved is actually very simple. She needs to be with the right guy – the one, who will take care of her needs.

What are the chances to find Russian women spending minimum time?

What are the chances to find Russian women spending minimum time?

Finding Russian women can actually be rather quick

Do you want a Russian bride? Do you want finding her faster and not spending your finances and time on numerous chatting and dating? Well, this task is not that easy, but some people have done it successfully. Do you want to know how they did that? Well, we will surely tell several tricks on how to find a Russian wife quickly and efficiently. Watch closely!

If you think that finding Russian women is a one-day procedure, you will have guaranteed failure. Imagine a man who wants meeting and marrying a girl from his country. One will spend a day or even more only for having sex with her, and he will surely spend even more for proving that he will be a great husband for her. Russian women, who are potentially good wives, are not easy for picking up, they want knowing their loved more, trying him in various situations, examining his opinions and there is still no guarantee that she will love him because she didn’t see him face to face. But you have three main tools which can help finding a good wife and decide, to invade her or to seek another bride:

  1. Don’t make decisions based only on her photo: read about her interests, her hobbies, favorite books and films. Select a girl which have something with you in common and begin your chatting with points related to her favorite book or a film. She will know that a man who writes her is devoted to having serious relationship with her, he pays attention to her interests;
  2. Try asking different questions about her worldview, mission, interests and other essential things. Even answering so simple questions she might reveal her aim to play tricks with you or you may find that she doesn’t have the same interests as yours and doesn’t worth your attention. This way is the best to recognize that she is not your kind of a person and you can find another one;
  3. If you find out that the woman you chose is worth your attention – use everything to show your attention: buy her flowers, gifts, send her postcards, write things she may like. Be sure, she will love these gifts and after two months of chatting you can fly to her country, meet with her face to face and ask her to be your wife.

Where to find Russian women looking for husbands?

If you want to choose your wife quickly, it is not efficient to use social networks for that purpose. You need to use databases with lots of Russian women looking for husbands. Despite such services being costly, you will directly meet those who are alone and interested in finding her love abroad. Don’t be afraid to pay for such services but be very attentive and don’t continue the relationship with a woman, whom you consider as suspicious or a scammer. Remember that and you will choose your Russian bride quickly and without wasting your money and time on chatting with fraudsters.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Marrying Russian women

Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Marrying Russian women

Marrying a Russian woman can be safe if you ask her proper questions

If one wants having a relationship with his loved woman from Russia and if he wants to marry her – he needs to be sure that their relations are transparent and trustworthy. He needs to be assured that she wants to communicate with him not just because she desires to emigrate but because she wants to be with an honest and good man. That she wants to build a good family and that he will not have severe arguments while being a couple. Do you want to be assured in relations of beautiful Russian women, whom you encounter on pages of dating websites? We’ve gathered several questions which a man needs to ask her before she answers yes to his offer of marrying her.

As soon as the foreigner has met the woman online and he is confident that she is not a scam, he needs to find out, why she agrees having relations with him. A person from another side of a screen can be a lonely woman who seeks her husband, she can be a girl, who doesn’t seek serious relations with him but targets only money, she can be a woman, who hates Russia and seeks a foreigner who will marry her and let her make a Green Card. That is why you need asking your loved certain questions for being assured in her motives and objectives. We’ve developed a list of questions which will reveal her negative motives:

  1. Have you ever traveled to my country?
  2. How long have you been using this website for finding your husband?
  3. Which 3 main qualities should be possessed by your future husband?
  4. Why have you decided to find your groom from another country?
  5. Could you please send me 5 recent photos of yourself so I can see your precious face?
  6. Have you ever lived with any man and why did you give up your relationship?
  7. What do you think is the best thing in your life?
  8. Could you please tell me what have you dreamed about when you were a child?

Remember: never ask her the whole list of questions. Simply ask 3 or 4 of them during the whole conversation. Try putting them in the moments when your loved feels calm and relaxed and if you find something suspicious in her answers – find another partner or you will have a huge amount of problems.

What else to remember while speaking with Russian woman

Why do I want to marry a Russian woman? Simply ask yourself this question and discover what qualities to seek in your future bride. Remember the one thing: never seek Russian bride to make her your slave. Even if she had a wish to make a family with such a man, she would be with him only until she won’t obtain the Green Card. After that, she may divorce with him and even sue him because such position violates basic human rights. Find a wife, a person whom you’ll love and value all your life and you will not have any problems with finding your astounding wife from Russia.

Mistakes during Correspondence and in Dating with Russian Ladies for dating.

Mistakes during Correspondence and in Dating with Russian Ladies for dating.

Starting a correspondence with Russian ladies

Beautiful Slavic girls are made for family life; it is impossible to find someone more devoted to a husband and children that a gorgeous Slavic girl.

For men eager to find a beautiful Russian girl the best way to do so is to apply to a Russian women dating agency and to look there for a perfect stranger to start a romantic relationship.

Marriage agencies have huge databases full of attractive single ladies ready to start a family and to move to another country. Looking through various profiles with tempting picture galleries every man is able to find someone suitable and compatible to share his life with. Every Russian lady for dating will be a great companion and faithful partner.

Before starting a correspondence man should read carefully all information provided in his lady’s of interest profile and to determine whether they have something in common and share some interests. It is important to understand girl’s intentions and be aware of your own expectations as well. Only if you are ready for a romantic adventure you should write the message.

Common mistakes during correspondence

Those who wish to maintain and keep relationship with Russian women as intimate as possible it is essential to understand what kind of behavior may cause rejection and create tension. Here are few things that should be avoided during correspondence:

  • Don’t be rude or insulting in your letters;
  • Answer letter in time, don’t make your lady to wait for your reply too long;
  • Try not to be pushy, too persistent or to demand anything;
  • Keep this correspondence private and do not share personal information with anyone else;
  • Don’t lie about your life, job or appearance and try not to sound arrogant and too self-confident.

Perfect first date

After maintaining successful correspondence it is desirable to organize a meeting in the real world. Don’t forget that Russian lady for dating has totally different mentality and expects a man to behave accordingly.

Man is expected to arrive in time with flowers and in nice suit. He should be polite with his lady and offer his assistance in helping her. In countries of Eastern Europe men are expected to pay for their ladies during their meeting and be attentive to her needs and mood.

For the first date with your Slavic lady it is better to choose a public but quiet place that gives you a chance to get to know each other better. After few successful meetings and after gaining trust you can arrange meetings in more intimate atmosphere in order not to be disturbed. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy your time together. Try to become friends at first and later let the romance lead the way.

Don’t Know How To Marry Russian Women Through Online Dating?

Don’t Know How To Marry Russian Women Through Online Dating?

Marrying a girl in the internet

Internet has changed the world. You can marry a Russian woman through online dating services while sipping tea in the middle of Time Square. Your Smartphone’s all it takes.

Unfortunately, fast internet connection isn’t enough to score a gorgeous Slavic beauty. You would need to put some effort into it. There are, though, series of simple rules and guides for you to follow.

But, first things first…

… Check the background. You are playing on a strange field without home-based advantages. You don’t know how deep the waters are. The dating site you are on can be a huge credit card theft hoax. Always check your all available resources before making the first step towards a suspicious dating portal.

Surely not all of them are that bad. In fact, most of professional wedding agencies are great with what they do. All you need is finding the right one!

Now, that the basics are covered, let’s proceed to the tricks that will help you to score a Russian bride online.

The basic four

Lets head on with a loud start:

  • Be sexy! But not the cheesy, dirty, pickup-linish sexy. You will have to remain classy and seduce with charm, wit and a decent sense of humor. You are not looking for a one night stand. It’s a wife that you seek, right?
  • Communicate as much as possible. Ensure you talk in person or via Skype. Profile pictures are a dangerous, photoshopped minefield, if you know what I mean. Quotes and statements about beautiful personalities can be creative lies and/or magnets for male attraction. And you will never find it out unless you decide to actually talk to your person of interest.
  • Be honest about yourself and your preferences. Even the kinkiest ones. If you are looking for a person to spend the rest of your life with – starting off with lies would be a terrible idea. You will either be forced to live up to them, or you’ll go your separate ways sooner or later. We don’t want that, do we?
  • Don’t be self-centered. You are on a date, not an interview. Show some interest in the partner if you have any feelings triggered. This way you will prove yourself as a true gentleman, a person who shares their interest in mature, long-term relationships. And, in the opposite case scenario – don’t be shy to reject a person. You will save a lot of time for both of you that way.

That’s all, folks!

These four basic tips – or should we call them online dating etiquette – are all you’ll need to know if you truly wish to find Russian women to marry on dating sites.

PS: we wish you the best of luck and these sincere words came straight from the heart. Hope they will help you in your quest one way or another.

How to win a Russian woman’s heart online and make her want to marry you.

How to win a Russian woman’s heart online and make her want to marry you.

Tips on how to create a strong bond with your loved one

With the intention of finding the perfect Russian girl for family life and committed relationship millions on men worldwide are registering on dating sites and looking through hundreds profiles in search of a future wife. Single Russian women are known to be tender and beautiful. They were raised with traditional family values and are able like no other lady to create a cozy home with warm atmosphere and joyful surrounding.

For those who are planning to create a life-long partnership or to marry a Russian woman these tips might be useful:

  • Dedicate all your free time to your significant other. Spend quality time together, travel, and discover the world, share secrets known only to you two;
  • Be prepared to make compromises as well as accept flaws and imperfections of your loved one. Keep in mind that no one is perfect and we all have our past full of mistakes, bad choices and failures. We must be ready to forgive, to forget and to admit our mishaps;
  • Make all important decisions together and respect one another point of view. Any wrong decision may affect your future life together and create a gap in your ability to trust each other;
  • Don’t forget to say how grateful you are and how happy to have such loving partner.

How to attract girl online?

Russian woman dating online is capable to recognize a decent and trustworthy man among dozens so it is important to create a compelling profile and not to be too shy while corresponding with a beautiful lady. First of all man shouldn’t sound boring and put a lot of unimportant details into his profile. It is desirable to be brief enough and to state your intentions clearly. Don’t forget to indicate your hobbies and interests in order to create a subject for the first message. It is also essential to upload a nice picture that proves you to be an amiable and positive person. Don’t be afraid to start communication as Russian ladies expect men to make the first step.

Russian ladies’ values

Single Russian women were raised with traditional notion of the family values. Slavic ladies put their families and loved ones on the first place and dedicate their lives to creating coziness in their homes. These ladies value men able to provide the family with all the necessary means and to create safe conditions for raising children. Slavic women are strongly believe that abroad they will be able to create better conditions for starting a family and find foreigners more mature and family oriented.

Any man interested in marrying a Russian beauty must be attentive to her needs and respect her free will with this attitude he will be able to gain her trust and to win her heart.

How to Understand the Russian Women Behavior

How to Understand the Russian Women Behavior

Understanding women

We all know that if a woman says “no” she means “yes”. Unless it’s a “no”, or a “later”, or even “what on earth am I doing with my life right now, I need a hug, but not from you”! Is it really that hard to understand Russian women?

Most of the trouble comes from what Russians really are. They take extensive pride in their origins, culture and family. They are severely independent. And, at the same time, they are tender, cheerful, friendly, caring and loving. Single Russian women are like the famed jack of all trades. The mixture that gives them the spark spawns some tiny devils in their minds from time to time.

If things went south in a relationship, you have probably triggered something extensive. And, in nine cases out of ten, it’s one of the following matters.

Lack of attention

Russian bride behavior severely relates to the level of trust you share. You see, these women are nearly perfect wives and loved ones. They will care about you; they will be your councilor, your friend and even a doctor, when you need one. However they only act nice, when they feel that things they do are mutual.

Slavic pride does not allow them to beg. They don’t want to be in places, when they are unwanted or easily replaced. Thus, the Slavic beauty demands to be the centre of your world. From the bright side, if you are nice to your significant other – she will give far more in return.

They are bored

Russians have quite the temper. They are filled with energy and passion. And they easily get bored without sufficient means of directing all that inner might appropriately.

One of the easiest solutions here is to have children. This way maternal instinct will take over the driver’s seat. Children are a lot of fun and they are an insane responsibility 24/7. Your souse won’t have the time to get bored.

Trust issues

Most Slavic men are swine. They cheat on their wives, they leave one families for others are are reckless in general. A lot of them have drinking problems or anger issues.

Thus, Slavic girls have developed series of protective circles and are extremely cautious, while in a relationship. These women would love to trust you, but they can’t do it over breakfast. Their trust, love and care are to be won with countless hours of effort.

They need sex

Slavic people love sex and they need a lot of it in order to stay fit, healthy and mentally sane. Their pride and mindset are not allowing girls to turn to trickery. Russians are faithful until the end, thus they don’t cheat. This leaves you as their only source of pleasure. And you will have to adjust to the new tempo.

In the end of the day, there is nothing in a woman’s behavior a great night of passionate love can’t fix.

How to please Russian women and what mistakes you should avoid?

How to please Russian women and what mistakes you should avoid?

How to Please Russian Women and What to Expect in Return?

There is no doubt that Russian ladies are very popular among numerous men from different countries all over the Globe. They look elegant and know how to attract men from the first sight. Moreover, they are well-educated and smart. You won’t feel boring with this lady and every day you’ll sense new emotions. Therefore, you will face a huge competition if you start using one of the online dating services. We want to tell you more about how to please Russian women, how to grab their attention and how to avoid spread mistakes.

How to attract Russian women?

Plenty of gorgeous Slavic girls are forced to look for their soulmates and beloved men abroad. They can’t find a decent person in their native country because most of the local men are rude, unsuccessful and addicted to alcohol. To impress these disappointed in love women, you should be different and act like a real man.

Be a gentleman

Every young lady wants to meet a gorgeous prince. Slavic women are not the exception. They want to meet a well-mannered and educated man who can achieve his goals and can keep the whole family in future. You should be polite and show your interest from your first date. Slavic ladies like compliments and special attention.

Show interest in her culture

The interracial marriages are related to new knowledge about the unfamiliar country and local culture. Relationships with a Russian girl give you an excellent opportunity to explore new traditions and customs. It is an exciting trip for both of you because you may tell each other more about your lifestyle. So don’t miss this chance to learn something new and prove that you have serious plans.

Try to intrigue her

Every Slavic woman dreams about romantic relationships. Plenty of them have to work hard because men have financial problems and can’t procure a family. So, these women dream about another life, when men act like men and spring many surprises to women. Try to discover what she likes and what hobbies she has to understand what date can impress and strike her.

What you shouldn’t do

Don’t fall in love with a picture

It is a usual thing when foreign men fall in love with Russian ladies’ profiles not personalities. They are deeply impressed by their beauty and can’t resist their emotions. It is a huge mistake. You won’t live with a picture; you will date with a real person. Therefore, you should find out more information about the girl and her personality before starting serious relationships with her.

Don’t try to impress her with money

There are plenty of myths that Russian ladies need only money. So, many foreign men decide to purchase a very expensive gift for Russian bride and wait for real love in return. These ladies are very gentle and heedful with the men they have sincere feelings. Don’t think that they hunt for money and be honest, and you will receive the real feelings and emotions instead.

Romantic relationships with Russian ladies are very exciting and thrilling for both partners. There are plenty of ways to impress them, but you should remember that the key points are sincerity and honesty.

How to meet Russian girl and communicate with her?

How to meet Russian girl and communicate with her?

How to improve communication skills for dating with Russian girl?

Dating with Russian girl is an exciting trip for both. If you are a foreign man who knows about Russian beauty and want to find his soulmate in this country, you should learn more about the character traits and spirit of local ladies. When you meet a new person, and you are very interested in talking to, you may face with some issues. We offer you some essential points that will help you to develop your talking abilities and make your contact with a Slavic girl more relaxed and easygoing.

Be open-minded

A charming Russian girl can quickly grab men intention. These ladies are very attractive, and it is so wonderful to admire their pure beauty. But except the good-looking, they are also engaging and emotional persons. Unlike Western women, Slavic ladies impress men with a straightforward character and emotional individuality. In spite the fact that these women differ from American and European ladies, they have plenty of good traits and get used to the intriguing way of living. If you want to date with Russian girl and freely talk with her, you should be broad-minded and ready to accept some lifestyle changes. But you won’t be disappointed.

Believe in what you do

The theme of dating with Slavic ladies is very popular for the last few years. Numerous websites and journals tell about their beauty, intelligence and sincere soul. Probably, you may think that it is impossible to date with such gorgeous and smart woman. But you shouldn’t think so. You have to believe that you can meet one of these ladies who will steal your heart, and you will succeed. Be straight-out, and your talk with a charming Russian girl will bring you new feelings and emotions.

Be confident and know what you want

Slavic women are beautiful and smart, but most of them look for the leadership traits in a man. They want to feel protected with a robust and confident man who knows how to be a head of a family. Before you start to speak with Russian lady, you should determine your position. Define for yourself why you want to begin this communication, for a short-term dating or long and stable relationships.

Don’t forget about the real life communication

Due to the long distance between Russia and Western countries, it is so hard to meet Russian girl in real life. Luckily, there are plenty of online dating services that solve this issue. Of course, in the beginning, it is so convenient to speak through chats and email letters. But it is impossible to create solid relationships without seeing each other. You should at least use services of video conferences to see emotions and reactions of your partner. If you are interested in developing your communication, try to meet each other in real life as soon as possible.

When you meet a new person, it is okay to face with some problems, especially if she is enigmatic Slavic lady. To continue your acquaintance, you should develop your communication abilities and learn how to be broad-minded with your new girlfriend.