Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Marrying Russian women

Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Marrying Russian women

Marrying a Russian woman can be safe if you ask her proper questions

If one wants having a relationship with his loved woman from Russia and if he wants to marry her – he needs to be sure that their relations are transparent and trustworthy. He needs to be assured that she wants to communicate with him not just because she desires to emigrate but because she wants to be with an honest and good man. That she wants to build a good family and that he will not have severe arguments while being a couple. Do you want to be assured in relations of beautiful Russian women, whom you encounter on pages of dating websites? We’ve gathered several questions which a man needs to ask her before she answers yes to his offer of marrying her.

As soon as the foreigner has met the woman online and he is confident that she is not a scam, he needs to find out, why she agrees having relations with him. A person from another side of a screen can be a lonely woman who seeks her husband, she can be a girl, who doesn’t seek serious relations with him but targets only money, she can be a woman, who hates Russia and seeks a foreigner who will marry her and let her make a Green Card. That is why you need asking your loved certain questions for being assured in her motives and objectives. We’ve developed a list of questions which will reveal her negative motives:

  1. Have you ever traveled to my country?
  2. How long have you been using this website for finding your husband?
  3. Which 3 main qualities should be possessed by your future husband?
  4. Why have you decided to find your groom from another country?
  5. Could you please send me 5 recent photos of yourself so I can see your precious face?
  6. Have you ever lived with any man and why did you give up your relationship?
  7. What do you think is the best thing in your life?
  8. Could you please tell me what have you dreamed about when you were a child?

Remember: never ask her the whole list of questions. Simply ask 3 or 4 of them during the whole conversation. Try putting them in the moments when your loved feels calm and relaxed and if you find something suspicious in her answers – find another partner or you will have a huge amount of problems.

What else to remember while speaking with Russian woman

Why do I want to marry a Russian woman? Simply ask yourself this question and discover what qualities to seek in your future bride. Remember the one thing: never seek Russian bride to make her your slave. Even if she had a wish to make a family with such a man, she would be with him only until she won’t obtain the Green Card. After that, she may divorce with him and even sue him because such position violates basic human rights. Find a wife, a person whom you’ll love and value all your life and you will not have any problems with finding your astounding wife from Russia.