How to Understand the Russian Women Behavior

How to Understand the Russian Women Behavior

Understanding women

We all know that if a woman says “no” she means “yes”. Unless it’s a “no”, or a “later”, or even “what on earth am I doing with my life right now, I need a hug, but not from you”! Is it really that hard to understand Russian women?

Most of the trouble comes from what Russians really are. They take extensive pride in their origins, culture and family. They are severely independent. And, at the same time, they are tender, cheerful, friendly, caring and loving. Single Russian women are like the famed jack of all trades. The mixture that gives them the spark spawns some tiny devils in their minds from time to time.

If things went south in a relationship, you have probably triggered something extensive. And, in nine cases out of ten, it’s one of the following matters.

Lack of attention

Russian bride behavior severely relates to the level of trust you share. You see, these women are nearly perfect wives and loved ones. They will care about you; they will be your councilor, your friend and even a doctor, when you need one. However they only act nice, when they feel that things they do are mutual.

Slavic pride does not allow them to beg. They don’t want to be in places, when they are unwanted or easily replaced. Thus, the Slavic beauty demands to be the centre of your world. From the bright side, if you are nice to your significant other – she will give far more in return.

They are bored

Russians have quite the temper. They are filled with energy and passion. And they easily get bored without sufficient means of directing all that inner might appropriately.

One of the easiest solutions here is to have children. This way maternal instinct will take over the driver’s seat. Children are a lot of fun and they are an insane responsibility 24/7. Your souse won’t have the time to get bored.

Trust issues

Most Slavic men are swine. They cheat on their wives, they leave one families for others are are reckless in general. A lot of them have drinking problems or anger issues.

Thus, Slavic girls have developed series of protective circles and are extremely cautious, while in a relationship. These women would love to trust you, but they can’t do it over breakfast. Their trust, love and care are to be won with countless hours of effort.

They need sex

Slavic people love sex and they need a lot of it in order to stay fit, healthy and mentally sane. Their pride and mindset are not allowing girls to turn to trickery. Russians are faithful until the end, thus they don’t cheat. This leaves you as their only source of pleasure. And you will have to adjust to the new tempo.

In the end of the day, there is nothing in a woman’s behavior a great night of passionate love can’t fix.